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Lyrebird Water Sapphire
Lyrebird Water SapphireLyrebird Water SapphireLyrebird Water Sapphire
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Lyrebird Water Sapphire

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Product Description

Secure your important documents! Use Water Resistant inks!

Water Sapphire is a well known Non iron gall Blue ink with more than 90% water resistance .

Color - Bright Blue shade with medium shading. Shading from Turquoise to Blue.

Special Dye based - No pigments. No Iron gall.

Mild staining may occur . But non clogging

Staining can be removed by using preferably by Pen flush or by any detergents

Non washable

Moderate Flow

Moderate saturation

Moderate shading

Precautions - Non- Mixable ink. Your pen may be having left over inks or may be having traces of pen flush or detergents or bleaches . Do not allow these to be mixed with Water sapphire ink. It will lose its property. Also do not dip your pens filled with other inks into this bottle. It can spoil the entire bottle.

Suggested pens - Due to mild staining nature, Clear pens may be avoided.


Suggested nib types - ANY

Shading - Yes. Moderate

Bottle - Glass

Nett. Vol - 30 ml


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