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Turquoise Blue

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Product Description

Clear the path of success! High quality Fountain pen ink from Krishna. Enjoy the fountain pen journey with smooth and subtle colored ink. The calmness and tranquility of turquoise represents the infinity of Sky and Sea. It’s cheerful, friendly and happy. Make every drop of it into use!

Made of high quality raw materials, the ink flows smoothly out of the pen and create rich shades on paper.


Non permanent but

Non fading

Non-clogging and non-staining

Easy on maintenance.

Film forming agents are added to the ink to to obtain better optical appearance on paper. Shake the bottle before filling in a pen.

Suggested pens - ANY

Suggested nib types - ANY

Suggested papers to use – ANY . Cheap papers like news print quality ones may be avoided.

Suggested maintenance schedule – Wash the pen once in 3-4 weeks. Show the section with nib under flowing plain tap water for one minute. Shake dry. You are ready for the next writing session! No need to discard the ink in the barrel / convertor

Shading – Yes. Moderate. More pronounced with certain type of nib- paper- pen combination than others

Sheen – No

Type of ink – Water based, Washable.

Bottle – Made of glass

Nett vol – 30 ml


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